5 Reasons You Should Invest in Natural Emeralds

Gemstones are a rewarding purchase for anyone fascinated by one of the world’s greatest wonders. The beauty of an emerald gem is limitless, and there are almost too many beautiful things to say about this precious stone. From its rich green color to its rarity, symbolism, and elegance, investing in a natural emerald stone is something you won’t regret.

If you’re interested in buying emerald jewelry and gemstones, you should know the ins and outs of investing in emeralds and why it’s wise to invest in these stunning gems soon. This article will discuss five reasons why emeralds are the gemstone of choice for serious investors.

1. The Stunning Color

An obvious benefit of investing in natural emerald gems is the stunning color you won’t find in any other gemstone. Emeralds come in numerous hues of green, ranging from a pale green to a vivid, jade green.

The color of the natural emerald is so valuable because emeralds are made from beryl and get their unique color from small amounts of vanadium or chromium, which are uncommon in other stones. Additionally, gemstone collectors will love having loose emeralds in their collection because they are the only precious stone that comes in a single color. The exclusivity of emerald green gives its owners a certain elegance that only emeralds can provide.

2. Natural Emeralds Have High Value

A real emerald will have a much higher value than other stones of similar quality and size. The average natural emerald can cost anywhere up to $18,000; however, some natural emeralds are worth up to one million US dollars. If you want to invest in gemstones and know how to assess emerald quality accurately, then the emerald is one of the best investments you can make.

Emeralds are a wise investment for numerous reasons beyond their monetary value. Emeralds have a long, intricate history, with their discovery dating back thousands of years ago. The gemstones were even involved in religious practices and seen as gods in some mythologies.

Additionally, emeralds may hold various spiritual benefits for anyone looking to invest in a stone with spiritual properties, including positive impacts on your health, clarity, mental healing, and love.

3. Emeralds are Versatile

The rich color of emeralds is only one of the many reasons why the stone is so attractive to buyers. Another contributor to the average emerald value point is how versatile the gemstone is. Emeralds are cherishable partly for their ability to be cut into numerous shapes, making them ideal for jewelry.

Natural emerald jewelry makes up some of the finest works of art known to the gemstone world. For instance, a pair of natural emerald earrings will help you stand out for your elegance and luxury. You can wear emeralds in virtually any piece of jewelry, too, from earrings, necklaces and rings to bracelets and even crowns.

If you want an emerald set into a piece of jewelry, you’re fortunate because a beautiful shade of emerald green complements many colors and metal materials. There’s almost nothing that doesn’t look great with a natural emerald, so this precious gemstone will undoubtedly be worth your investment for its versatility alone.

4. Emeralds are Rarer than Diamonds

When people think of elegance in jewelry, their mind typically jumps straight to diamonds. While diamonds are undoubtedly stunning, the emerald holds far more value, history, and versatility than any other stone, diamond or not. The average emerald value is often thousands of dollars, not only for their breathtaking features but because they are far rarer than diamonds–approximately 20 times rarer, to be specific.

As with any gemstone investment, you should check with a professional if you are uncertain about how to tell if an emerald is real. You should also consider the emerald quality, including transparency, clarity, and carat weight. The value of a natural emerald is far beyond its price tag, and its rarity is only one of the reasons why modern jewelers and collectors are still enamored with the gemstone.

5. Natural Emeralds Have a Bright Future Ahead

When treated correctly, natural emeralds hold an immeasurable amount of value, and future investors will continue to realize this as gemstones grow in financial and cultural value. Untreated emeralds are wise investments that could help you see financial growth in the future or become a beautiful memento for the years to come.

Experts consider Brazilian and Colombian emeralds particularly valuable because of their high-quality, incredibly vibrant, jaw-dropping color. Seeking expert advice on your next Brazilian emerald investment is essential to finding the best quality gemstone for your collection. For instance, sustainable mining companies like Belmont Emeralds allow you to find natural Brazilian emeralds that environmentally conscious mining experts sustainably source.

Natural emeralds are a wise investment for anyone looking to place investments in the gemstone and jewelry industry, which continues to demand high-quality, unique items at higher prices. As demand for emeralds increases, other investors will be snapping them up, making it essential to get ahead of the crowd and invest sooner rather than later for maximum returns.

Investing in the Best Natural Emeralds with Belmont Emeralds

Ultimately, there is an endless list of reasons why people gravitate toward emeralds over other gemstones. For those considering investing in natural emeralds, selecting the right companies to appropriately source and polish emeralds will give you the best quality, beauty, and value possible.

For example, companies like Belmont Emeralds offer some of the most valuable resources for anyone looking to invest in this precious gemstone. Belmont Emeralds is a benchmark company in the emerald mining industry that operates from mine to market with advanced technology rarely found in other locations.

Belmont Emeralds values the environment and commits to safely sourcing the highest quality emeralds on the planet. Brazilian natural emeralds don’t get any better than what you’ll find at Belmont Emeralds. Contact the gemstone experts at Belmont Emeralds to learn more about why you should make emeralds your next investment.