5 Secrets Behind Your Emeralds: What Jewelry Stores Won’t Tell You


In the dazzling world of gemstones, the allure of emerald stones stands unmatched. However, beneath their captivating surface, there are industry practices many jewelers won’t discuss openly. Today, we’re shedding light on these secrets, emphasizing the pivotal role of Belmont Emeralds and their direct-to-consumer brand, Belmont Sparkle, in bringing transparency and value to the emerald market.

1. The Illusion of Sales and Markups

Contrary to what many believe, the dazzling “50% off” sales often seen in jewelry stores are not always the bargains they seem. Jewelry, including pieces with emerald gems and diamonds, typically carries a high markup, sometimes around 100 percent. This is because jewelry stores turn their inventory slowly, usually once a year. Before a sale, prices on items like diamond rings might be inflated double or triple their regular selling price, only to be slashed to “half-price” during the sale event. In contrast, Belmont Emeralds, through Belmont Sparkle, offers real emeralds and emerald jewelry at honest, straightforward prices, reflecting their commitment to providing value without the traditional retail markups.

2. The Myth of Wholesale Pricing

Many retailers promote “wholesale” prices to lure in customers seeking value. However, these prices often include hidden markups to ensure profit margins are maintained, even for those claiming to offer wholesale rates on diamonds and emeralds. Unlike these practices, Belmont Emeralds’ approach to selling authentic emeralds directly to consumers ensures that you’re receiving the best quality for your money, without unnecessary markups.

3. The Challenge in Grading Set Gems

Grading a diamond or an emerald accurately is more straightforward when the stone is unset. Once set in jewelry, determining the exact color or clarity grade becomes more difficult, even for experts. Belmont Emeralds ensures that every emerald gem, mined from their ethical sources in Minas Gerais, Brazil, since 1978, is graded with precision before it’s set, guaranteeing that you know the true quality of your purchase.

4. The Importance of Cut Over Carat

While many focus on the carat weight of their gemstones, the cut is what truly determines an emerald’s beauty. A well-cut emerald will showcase its vibrant green color and characteristic glow to the fullest. Belmont Emeralds prioritizes the cut, ensuring that each real emerald reflects the light beautifully, maximizing its natural brilliance.

5. Treatments and Authenticity

Almost all colored gemstones undergo some form of treatment to enhance their appearance. This is a standard practice across the industry. However, transparency about these treatments is key and should be disclosed to buyers.

Emeralds from Belmont Mine, for example, are only treated with traditional oils. Furthermore, Belmont Emeralds commitment to providing authentic emeralds ensures that when you purchase from Belmont Sparkle, you’re getting a gemstone that’s not only beautiful but also genuine and ethically sourced.


As we move into 2024, with Belmont Emeralds now selling their real emerald gems and exclusive jewelry designs in the USA, consumers have an unprecedented opportunity to buy directly from a source they can trust. This model not only disrupts the traditional gemstone market but also ensures that you, the consumer, receive the best possible value and authenticity for your investment.

Explore Belmont Emeralds to learn more about their mining practices and ethical sourcing, and visit Belmont Sparkle to discover a world of genuine, high-quality emerald jewelry.