6 Things you never knew about Emerald Gems


An emerald gem is one of the most beautiful, precious stones you can ask for. Investing in emeralds is a valuable option if you want stunning emerald jewelry or valuable loose gems to put on display.

A natural emerald is one of the greatest wonders of the world. While many people know what an emerald is, most do not know how rare, valuable, and unique these gems are compared to other stones. From its actual value to its fascinating ancient folklore, here are seven interesting facts you never knew about the emerald stone.

1. Emeralds are Rarer–and Sometimes, More Expensive–Than Diamonds

Emeralds are incredibly rare gemstones, making them valuable for more than their visual beauty. While the average emerald value varies depending on various qualities of the gemstone, some emeralds cost far more than diamonds, and the gemstone is 20 times rarer than diamonds.

Because of their rarity, emeralds are typically more expensive than diamonds. A natural emerald stone is almost impossible to beat if you want a truly unique and stunning stone. Whether you want to invest in stunning emerald jewelry or loose emeralds, one thing is sure: emeralds are more than worthy of their spot as one of the four precious gemstones.

2. There’s a Unique Way to Tell if an Emerald is Real

Because of how stunning and rare emeralds are, many people might hesitate to invest in this gemstone out of fear that the stone is compromised or entirely fake. While this is a genuine concern, knowing how to tell if an emerald is real isn’t too challenging.

Natural emerald stones are identifiable due to their color and cut. Additionally, identifying a natural emerald is far easier than other gemstones by checking if the stone sparkles. If you come across an emerald that sparkles when held up to the light, you know that the emerald is inauthentic, as natural emeralds do not sparkle.

Additionally, you can uniquely identify emeralds by using a blacklight shined onto the stone’s surface. Genuine emeralds will have a pure green or blue hue when held up to light and sparkling or other colors indicate that your gemstone isn’t an authentic emerald stone.

3. Emeralds Were Mined by the Ancient Egyptians

Emeralds were first mined in Egypt as early as 330 BC, meaning they have some of the richest histories of any gemstone. Ancient Egyptian leaders distributed emeralds to those they deemed fit for the stones during this time. Cleopatra was notably fascinated by emeralds, and during her reign, emeralds were considered one of the most precious gemstones worldwide.

Cleopatra’s passion for emeralds and the use of these stones in her adornments generated additional interest in this unique, fascinating gemstone. The natural emerald stone became coveted in many cultures, such as by leaders in Ancient Rome. Over time, control over Egyptian emerald mines was eventually confiscated by the Romans, who made massive efforts to mine emeralds until the areas were virtually depleted.

4. Most Emeralds Have Inclusions

While you might think that the less fragile the gemstone, the better, this isn’t the case for emeralds, as a natural, real emerald will have flaws, known as inclusions, in the stone. Emeralds with inclusions are authentic, valuable, and desirable to gemstone enthusiasts everywhere. Inclusions or flaws you notice in an emerald might include minor internal fractures or irregular patterns.

Inclusions make emeralds unique because no single emerald has the same inclusions as another. Collectors will price an emerald with inclusions higher than one without inclusions because natural emeralds are impossible to replicate perfectly in a lab. If you hope to purchase stunning emeralds, such as natural emerald earrings, remember that even if an emerald looks perfect, it isn’t always the best option. Additionally, natural emeralds have a stunning color highly coveted by gemstone lovers worldwide, making them the obvious choice over lab-created emeralds.

5. Emeralds Are Thought to Have Special Properties

Emerald value is incredibly high not only because of its rarity but because the stone is thought by many cultures to have unique properties. Emeralds have numerous metaphysical properties that differentiate them from other gemstones’ mythologies. The mystical properties of emeralds include the stone’s ability to calm one’s emotions, open the heart chakra, and expand the mind to accept balance, wisdom, and patience. Many people center themselves on emeralds’ grounding qualities and life-affirming abilities.

Additionally, emeralds are associated with peace, friendship, bliss, harmony, and unconditional love. Emeralds can strengthen one’s spirit and help people persevere through hardships. The emerald is a stone of recovery, awareness, well-being, and joyous experiences. Individuals that use gemstones to connect with their metaphysical and mystical properties will love emeralds for far more than their rarity. By selecting stunning emeralds as your next gemstone investment, you can relax and rid your mind of toxic thoughts while encouraging genuine change and prosperity.

6. Emeralds Are Part of Ancient Folklore

If the exciting facts about emeralds aren’t enough to convince you of the value of high-quality emeralds, then knowing the exciting ancient folklore behind this gemstone surely will. Emerald quality extends beyond its monetary value or aesthetic appeal. Ancient folklore believes that placing an emerald under your tongue has clairvoyant properties and allows you to see what the future holds.

Emeralds were also thought to have properties that helped their owners fight memory loss and become more intuitive. Folklore states that wearing emeralds can also give the owner insights into a lover’s true intentions and decipher lying lovers. Emeralds were considered a truth potion, providing valuable insights and knowledge to those in the folklore they graced.

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