7 Reasons to Choose an Emerald Wedding Ring


They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but how could you stay true to that when the emerald gem exists? Natural Emerald will catch your eye faster than any diamond, so it may be time you invest in real emerald!

But you ask yourself: how to tell if an emerald is real? There’s nothing worse than a fake gemstone; at least diamonds are guaranteed to be authentic. Well, we can help you with a quick guide on how having the best emerald value, without the worry about purchasing fake emerald wedding rings.

Natural Emerald stone has been growing in popularity ever since being mainstream became a bore. If you are considering buying high emerald quality jewelry for your loved one, such as a wedding ring or natural emerald earrings, continue reading to learn the seven top reasons why you should definitively get an emerald wedding ring.

What Is Emerald?

Emeralds derive from the mineral beryl and have a rich green color. This color can range from light green to dark and is dependent on how the stone is developed. 

Emerald is considered fragile and easy to break. However, as long as you buy from a trusted mining company, you’re guaranteed emeralds that can last you years. This makes them perfect for engagement rings and other sustainable jewelry.

Differences Between Real and Fake Emerald

As we have posted before, the key to determining if an emerald is real is by taking a look at the stone’s color and clarity. This will help you figure out if the emerald jewelry is lab-created or naturally developed.


A lack of authenticity in color is the first red flag when checking if an emerald is real. Emerald color ranges from a blueish green hue to dark green. Real emerald is going to embody its vibrant green color, no matter the different undertones.


Because emerald stones are fragile, they have inclusions. Fake emerald is going to be too perfect. You’ll find next to no internal fractures. But an authentic emerald is going to show signs of some inclusions.

Don’t take this as a bad thing! Emeralds with inclusions are highly desired because the fractures often make gorgeous designs.

Learn more about assessing the real value of emerald gems in our previous blog post.

The 7 Reasons Why You Should Get an Emerald Wedding Ring

Once you get your hands on a real emerald engagement ring, you’ll never turn back to the diamond life. Emeralds are enticing with their breathtaking appearance. But what are some other reasons why you should get an emerald wedding ring?

1. Emerald Stones Are Rarer Than Diamonds

If you’re looking to have the best of the best, then emerald jewelry is the way to go. Emerald is incredibly rare and hard to find. But diamonds are a popular stone that almost every bride has.

Cherish the rarity by designing an emerald engagement ring. You’ll be ecstatic to know you’re wearing such a rare stone on your finger. With diamond jewelry sales dropping 14% due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has never been a better time to start getting into emerald stones!

2. Emerald Stones Have More Inclusions

Perfection isn’t always ideal. Emeralds with inclusions make your jewelry more unique and desired. Diamonds usually don’t have inclusions, so it’ll be hard to tell your gem apart from the bride’s next door 

3. Symbolism of Emerald

Emeralds are the gemstone of love and spring. In being connected to the Roman goddess Venus, the emerald is well-known for embodying beauty, fertility, and prosperity. If you’re someone who enjoys gemstones with a story, then an emerald ring is calling your name!

4. Emerald Rings Are Durable

It’s a common belief that emerald rings aren’t very durable, but this isn’t exactly true. Emeralds rank 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs Hardness scale. This means they are perfect for everyday wear!

What makes emerald fragile is the number of inclusions. If you have too many fractures, your jewelry will break easily. This is why it’s important to get your stones from a professional supply company such as Belmont Emeralds.

With sustainable practices, state-of-the-art technology, and trained professionals, you’ll be receiving emeralds that are not only gorgeous but long-lasting!

5. Vintage Emerald Has High Value 

Speaking of long-lasting, a well-developed emerald stone is going to last you years. You’ll be fawning over your emerald engagement ring your entire life! This makes emerald stones ideal for passing down through generations.

6. Emerald Jewelry Is Breathtaking

Diamonds are versatile but can get a bit boring after a while. You’ll never have that problem with emerald stones! They will forever take your breath away, no matter if it’s your first glance or millionth. 

7. Nobody Has Emerald Wedding Rings, but You!

If you’re someone who loves to show off and stand out, then an emerald wedding ring is going to make you the star of any show. Emerald stone’s vibrant color catches the eye rather quickly. You’ll be accepting compliments quicker than you can dish them!

Be More High-End with Emerald Gems!

And here you are with all your emerald gem questions answered! No more asking how to tell if an emerald is real or wondering about authentic emerald quality. Take the high-end route and invest in natural emerald stone. There is nothing better than real emerald wedding rings, other than a pair of natural emerald earrings to complement the look!