Belmont Emeralds: Illuminating the Industry at the 7th Biannual Gemstone Tender in Bangkok


Within the dynamic realm of gemstones, the biannual gemstone tender emerges as a crucial juncture, guiding the journey of precious stones from their origins to a global audience. As the countdown to the 7th Edition of the Biannual Gemstone Tender on April 17th, 2024, progresses, Belmont Emeralds is honored to participate in this distinguished event, orchestrated by the Bonas Group in Bangkok. We extend an invitation to celebrate the allure and significance of ethically sourced emeralds with us.

Understanding the Gemstone Tender

The gemstone tender is the gem industry’s lifeline, a gathering point for the finest rough and polished stones to be presented to the discerning eyes of global dealers, jewelers, and connoisseurs. This event, characterized by its sealed bid process, creates a competitive yet equitable setting for the valuation of these treasures. Beyond its commercial aspect, the tender sets the pace for gemstone pricing, facilitates direct access to gemstones sans intermediaries, and fosters industry networking alongside the promotion of ethical mining.

Belmont Emeralds’ Presence at the Biannual Tender

Anticipating our presentation at the tender, we reminisce about the insights and connections fostered during the previous edition. It was a platform that allowed us to share the essence of our Belmont Mine in Brazil—home to ethically extracted, superior quality emerald stones. This year, we are particularly thrilled to enhance our U.S. clientele’s accessibility to our premium emeralds through our official website, ensuring the best value and ethical practices are within easy reach.

Exciting News for U.S. Residents

For those residing in the USA, the opportunity to acquire the finest quality emerald gems and emerald jewelry has never been more accessible. Through Belmont Sparkle, our Direct Mine-To-You Emerald Gem online store, customers can now enjoy the convenience of purchasing directly from the source. By visiting Belmont Sparkle, you are assured of obtaining only the best emeralds, curated with care and responsibility from our mines to your hands. This initiative brings our exquisite collection closer to you, ensuring the exceptional value and ethical sourcing Belmont is known for.

Why Belmont Emeralds Stands Out

Belmont Emeralds epitomizes elegance, commitment to ethical sourcing, and unparalleled value. Our direct from mine approach not only assures the finest quality emeralds but also the most favorable pricing. As we gear up to showcase our exquisite collection at the Biannual Gemstone Tender, we eagerly invite you to discover the unmatched beauty and worth of our emeralds.


The gemstone tender transcends a mere event; it is a vibrant celebration of the gemstone industry’s splendor and variety. Belmont Emeralds’ participation in the upcoming 7th Edition of the Biannual Gemstone Tender in Bangkok highlights our dedication to delivering the finest emeralds directly to our clientele. We are excited to share our enthusiasm for these captivating green gems with you and invite you to experience the elegance and luxury that Belmont Emeralds represent.

Join us on this exquisite journey of discovery at the Biannual Gemstone Tender and immerse yourself in our collection of emerald treasures. Let Belmont Emeralds brighten your life with the timeless charm of ethically sourced emerald gems.