Belmont’s enchanting array of emeralds


Belmont Mine is shining the spotlight on its latest collection of top-quality emeralds from its world-renowned mine in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Marcelo Ribeiro, director of Belmont Mine

The company, which is celebrating its 40th year in the business, aims to tap existing and potential clients from Asia and the US at the September Hong Kong Fair.

Fine bluish-green to vivid green Brazilian emeralds are continuously sought after by gem collectors and dealers, according to company director Marcelo Ribeiro. He noted that the market is currently on the lookout for emeralds in oval and cushion shapes, apart from the quintessentially popular emerald cut. “We expect high demand for emeralds of all qualities and sizes,” he added.

Belmont Mine is focused on meeting the market’s growing demand, Ribeiro said. As a mine-to-market emerald producer, it can guarantee better prices and access to top-grade stones for its clients because they are buying directly from the source.

“Our customers can place orders today and confidently come back to buy the same kind of stones at a similar price. This is important because they can embark on long-term marketing campaigns and be assured of a steady and consistent replacement of goods,” noted Ribeiro.