Gemstone Tender: The Heartbeat of the Gem Industry – by Belmont Emeralds


In the world of gemstones and jewelry, the process of buying an emerald, or any other gem for that matter, can be intricate. One of the most pivotal and influential events in this process is the ‘gemstone tender.’ For many outside the industry, this might seem like a hidden dance, but for miners, dealers, and jewelers, it’s the grand ballroom of transactions.

What is a Gemstone Tender?

A gemstone tender is a special event where rough or polished gemstones are presented to a select group of potential buyers. These aren’t your everyday consumers wondering how to tell if emeralds are real. These are high-profile dealers, jewelers, and experts from renowned jewelry houses who bring years of expertise to the table. They meticulously examine the stones, often using their tools and experience to assess the gem’s potential yield and value.

The procedure is somewhat similar to an auction. However, instead of an open bidding system, participants offer their price in sealed bids. Once submitted, the bids are evaluated, and the highest bidder usually claims the gemstone prize.

Why is it Important for the Industry and Mines?

  1. Price Benchmarking: Tenders create benchmarks for the market prices of gems, like emerald stones. They reflect current demand, market trends, and offer a genuine understanding of a gemstone’s potential value.
  2. Direct Access: For those in the mining sector, tenders eliminate intermediaries, ensuring they’re getting the best price for their gemstones. Buyers benefit too, securing stones straight from the source, especially when considering how to tell if emeralds are real.
  3. Industry Networking: These events serve as a nexus for industry stalwarts. It’s not just about buying an emerald; it’s about building relationships and future collaborations.
  4. Promotion of Ethical Mining: Ethically sourced stones have gained immense traction. Tenders allow miners to highlight their sustainable practices, further enhancing their global reputation.

Belmont Emeralds’ Second Tender of the Year in Thailand

In the vibrant world of gemstones, Bonas Group is making waves. They’re announcing Belmont’s second emerald tender of the year, an event every gem enthusiast should mark in their calendar. And for the first time, Belmont will showcase their collection in Bangkok from 9th-14th September 2023.

The viewing will take place at Office No. 1802, 18th Floor, Vorawat Building, Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand.

These emeralds are a class apart. Sourced directly from Belmont‘s state-of-the-art, environmentally conscious mine in Itabira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, attendees are in for a treat. For those pondering how to tell if emeralds are real, this tender is an education in authenticity, offering some of the most genuine emerald stones the industry has seen.

In Conclusion

Events like Belmont’s gemstone tender exemplify the gem industry’s sophistication. They bridge the journey from mines to majestic jewelry pieces. And for anyone deeply invested in buying an emerald or just curious about the intricate world of gemstones, Bangkok in September is the place to be. Belmont’s showcase promises insights, elegance, and a glimpse into the heart of the gemstone industry.