JWA Dubai 2023: Outstanding Colored Gemstone Enterprise of the Year – Belmont Emeralds


Belmont has been at the forefront of Brazilian emerald production and trade for over 40 years. It continues its stellar run by expanding its mining operations and consolidating the sales of rough through auctions.

Belmont Emeralds from Brazil, already a trailblazer in colored gemstone mining and product innovation, continues to score major operational and business breakthroughs. For more than 40 years, the mine-to-market emerald producer has been the industry benchmark for responsible, state-of-the-art mining as well as technological advancements in emerald production. Belmont was the first company to introduce optical sorting in gemstone mining in 2004. This year, it will be the first to use laser sorting in its mining operations. This new technology allows for better recovery of material and increases productivity and accuracy, according to Belmont Group President Marcelo Ribeiro, the third-generation leader of the family corporation that operates across the mining, construction, real estate, and agricultural sectors. In 1998, Belmont pioneered large-scale underground mining using ramps instead of shafts, which made it possible to access the orebody with large equipment. Last

year, it introduced the use of high-capacity electric drillers that increase production while reducing emissions in the mining operation. Ribeiro expects to increase processing and sorting capacity threefold. As Belmont will be able to mine different areas at the same time, it can now offer more emeralds and a wider selection of stone qualities.

Responsible mining

Belmont will start operating its own 1.5MW photovoltaic power plant this year. “This pioneering initiative will generate clean energy from the sun, allowing our mine to run on renewable energy. We look forward to its full implementation that will enable us to operate fully with zero emissions in the near future as we are thoroughly committed to running

sustainable and responsible operations,” Ribeiro said. At Belmont’s current scale of mining production, it will have emerald deposits for over a hundred years, he revealed. The

group has therefore been working to enhance its technology for underground mining and for automated gemstone processing to increase its production while reducing costs. Ribeiro remarked, “Belmont has an incredible geological resource. We are committed to responsible and sustainable mining, both in the environmental and financial sense, to ensure quality emerald supply for many years ahead.”

Trade prospects

Belmont also enjoyed stellar business gains in 2022, with two successful auctions in Dubai that sold over 350 kilograms of high-grade emeralds. The group shifted its sales operations to Dubai during the pandemic when travel restrictions and lockdowns severely affected logistics. “Dubai is a great hub and was the first country to open its borders due to a fast and efficient vaccination program. We now conduct our sales in Dubai, bringing our production directly from the mine to be distributed to the whole world in a more competent manner,” Ribeiro explained. One of the few gemstone companies that can guarantee a mine-to-market chain of custody for its emeralds, Belmont collaborated with Gubelin Gem Lab on its Emerald Paternity

Test program. “Together with some other available technologies, it is possible to trace a gemstone’s journey back to the source. We are happy to work with our customers on such

solutions,” the company official said. Given its recent and ongoing initiatives to enhance its

mining and business strategies, Belmont is confident of delivering high-quality emeralds, steady production, and an increasingly sustainable operation, he added. Belmont is the Honoree for Outstanding Colored Gemstone Enterprise of the Year at the JWA Dubai Special Edition 2023. Ribeiro said the group was happy to have its work recognized by important stakeholders in the industry. “The pandemic was surely challenging but, for Belmont, it also brought new frontiers and opportunities. Receiving such a prestigious endorsement makes all the hard work worthwhile and inspires us to continue on this path of innovation and continuous improvement in 2023 and beyond,” he said.

*Article By Olivia Quiniquini published on January 30, 2023 at Jewelry Net