The True Value of Natural vs. Lab-Grown Emeralds: A Comprehensive Comparison


The gemstone market today offers two distinct choices: natural gems, with their unique allure and history, and lab-grown equivalents, celebrated for their accessibility and lower price point. As Belmont Emeralds enters the North American scene in 2024, bringing genuine emerald gems and exclusive jewelry designs directly from the lush fields of Minas Gerais, Brazil, it’s crucial to understand these options’ value, identification methods, and cost implications.

Natural vs. Lab-Grown Emeralds: Understanding the Distinctions

Origin and Value: The core difference between natural and lab-grown emeralds is their origin. Natural emeralds are formed through eons under specific earth conditions, making them rare and highly valued. Belmont Emeralds prides itself on extracting these natural treasures, ensuring each piece carries the marks of authenticity and unparalleled beauty. Conversely, lab-grown emeralds are created within months in a lab, mirroring the natural gemstone’s properties but lacking the rarity that gives natural stones their value.

Cost Comparison: Drawing parallels from the diamond industry, where cost differences between natural and lab-grown stones are stark, we can understand the value proposition of natural emeralds. For instance, a 1-carat princess-cut diamond can cost around $2,500 if natural, but the lab-grown equivalent might only set you back about $500. This significant price disparity also extends into the emerald market, where natural emeralds from renowned sources like Belmont Emeralds are more sought after for their rarity and unique characteristics, despite being higher priced than their lab-grown counterparts.

Identification: Distinguishing between natural and lab-grown emeralds can be challenging without proper expertise. Natural emeralds often have inclusions or slight imperfections, known as “jardin,” lending to their individuality and charm. Lab-grown stones might exhibit similar features but generally have more uniform inclusions or may lack them entirely. Advanced gemological tests are required to definitively identify the stone’s origin, analyzing characteristics invisible to the naked eye.

Belmont Emeralds: A Legacy of Authenticity Now in the USA

Since 1978, Belmont Emeralds has been synonymous with the mining and crafting of natural emerald stones in Brazil. In 2024, this legacy of authenticity and excellence expanded to the USA, bringing natural emeralds directly to consumers under their new brand Belmont Sparkle. This expansion not only introduces American buyers to the intrinsic beauty and value of natural Brazilian emeralds but also innovates the gemstone value chain, offering superior quality at the best possible value by eliminating intermediaries.

The Advantage of Choosing Natural from Belmont

Choosing a natural emerald from Belmont Emeralds means investing in a gem with centuries of earth’s history, unmatched beauty, and individuality. Despite the higher initial cost compared to lab-grown stones, the value of natural emeralds from Belmont lies in their rarity, natural characteristics, and the timeless beauty they bring to any piece of jewelry.


As Belmont Emeralds brings its treasure trove of natural emeralds to the North American market, it invites consumers to explore the depth of value that real emerald gems offer. While lab-grown emeralds present a cost-effective alternative, the allure, history, and unique characteristics of natural emeralds remain unparalleled. Belmont’s commitment to authenticity, sustainability, and direct-to-consumer sales ensures that each customer receives not just a piece of jewelry, but a legacy to cherish.

Discover the elegance and authenticity of Belmont’s natural emeralds by visiting Belmont Emeralds and explore their exclusive designs at Belmont Sparkle, where history, beauty, and value meet.