Bangkok’s Glittering Gem Showcase: Belmont Emeralds’ Shining Role


In September 2023, the heartbeats of gem enthusiasts from around the globe resonated with the rhythmic allure of Bangkok. From the 9th to the 14th of that month, this vibrant city, already renowned for its dynamic role in the gem industry, became the nucleus of the colored-gem trade in Asia. Located strategically, Bangkok hosted a series of show-stopping tender viewings, meticulously organized by leading mining companies, suppliers, and consultation agencies.

A Gem of a City: Bangkok’s September Brilliance

Bangkok’s eminence doesn’t solely stem from its geographic advantages; it embodies the global market’s trends and sentiments. Through the riveting auction process held in September, jewelers and gem dealers vied for the coveted rough stones, especially the mesmerizing emerald stones. These stones, once polished, transform into exquisite emerald gems, ready to captivate the market. This fervor not only stokes excitement but firmly establishes a fair market value for these treasures.

With 90% of the world’s ruby value intricately refined in Thailand, the country’s stature in the gem world is undeniable. Given Bangkok’s conducive trade conditions and governmental support, the city has naturally attracted gem giants. This was evident when Gemfields transitioned their auction facilities to Bangkok, underscoring the city’s magnetic appeal.

Belmont Emeralds: The Jewel of September’s Showcase

Among the dazzling array of gemstones presented in Bangkok, Belmont Mines emerged as a star participant. Collaborating with Bonas, Belmont Mines unveiled a spectacular array of Brazilian emeralds, making them the cynosure of all eyes between the 9th and 14th of September.

One undeniable advantage of such organized showcases is the structured approach mining companies like Belmont Emeralds bring to the table. Their consistent grading and sorting system for emerald stones not only aids traders in discerning quality but also in forecasting supply trends. This ethical sourcing model also champions equitable returns to the native mining regions.

A Cut Above the Rest: Emerald Gems Shine Bright

The gem industry thrives on spirited competition. While diamonds possess a relatively structured pricing model, the value of colored gems, especially the coveted emerald gem, remains dynamic and ever evolving. Such fluidity often results in fervent bidding contests, some of which can double a gem’s initial value.

In this fiercely competitive realm, Bonas’s inclusive approach during the September showcase stood out, ensuring all participants, regardless of their scale, had a fair shot. Their display included both rough and polished stones, emphasizing the timeless allure of Bangkok as a hub for skilled gem cutters.

In Conclusion

September 2023 will remain etched in the annals of gem history as the month when Bangkok’s streets shone brighter than ever, courtesy of the tender viewings and polished displays. Amidst this glittering spectacle, Belmont Emeralds solidified its stature, championing quality, sustainability, and sheer brilliance.

Image: Brazilian emerald rough at a Bonas x Belmont tender.

Sources: Belmont Emeralds, Bonas Group, Rapaport Magazine